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Documentary-maker Michael Moore is hopeful for the healthcare changes that American President Barack Obama is working towards. He just wishes that the majority of Americans who elected Obama were being a little noisier.

“I feel bad for President Obama, what he’s going through,” said Moore. “He’s trying to bring health to people who have a hard time getting health. All those millions, tens of millions of people who voted for him, where are they? Where are the people that wanted this?”

Moore thinks that Obama might be getting better attention if his proposal went straight to a single tier healthcare system similar to the versions available in most other western industrialized countries. Nevertheless, he still has faith: "I’ll give him credit for this: He knows, and his opponents know, that if a true public option exists, if that’s passed, it will be almost impossible for the private profit-making insurance companies to compete for the company that doesn’t have to make a profit, and could put those private profit-making insurance companies out of business. That possibility exists, they know it, and that’s why the health insurance companies are spending over a million dollars a day on lobbyists and other advertising efforts in the United States.

“My favorite ones of course being the ads that show Canada as a third world country, with people lined up out the door of the doctor’s office, waiting in line for nine months, dying of brain tumors on the sidewalks of Toronto. Thank you for appreciating our sense of humor in America,” he quipped last month while visiting the Toronto International Film Festival.

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