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Country star Shania Twain took over the airwaves with something other than her music as she appeared as the guest host of Canadian Broadcasting Corporations national morning show, “The Current.”

Twain appeared on the Radio One series Thursday to discuss her difficult childhood and charity work with host Anna-Marria Tremonti. You can listen to the interview here, where they discuss Twain’s deep empathy for underprivileged kids and how that passion prompted her to start a brand new charity called Shania Kids Can.

The Shania Kids Can charity aims to give underprivileged children the chance to play music or take lessons their families could not otherwise afford. Shania intends to be closely involved, visiting schools and finding out how to make a difference in children’s lives.

“I can personally relate to the effects of growing up with difficulties at home and understand the problems kids can face while trying to fit in with the other students who are not experiencing the same disadvantages in their personal lives,” says Shania. "The Shania Kids Can program aims to help educators identify children in this situation and provide a safe, productive, confidence-building environment where the kids are coached in good and appropriate behavior, taught practical life skills, assisted with homework, given an ear to just simply listen when they need it. The space provides healthy socializing and a chance to fit in without feeling judged for how they dress, what their grades are, who their parents are or how much money they have, but more for who they are on the inside.

“My reason for creating this program is to ensure that underprivileged children in our communities are provided and cared for during their time at school, to help prevent them from falling through the cracks. I feel luck saved me from falling through the cracks as a child and believe it’s neither wise nor fair to leave the destiny of any child to luck.”

On Friday, January 8, Twain returns to interview Queen Rania of Jordan about her charity, 1Goal, which is trying to pressure the G8 countries to enroll 72 million African children in school by 2015. She’ll also visit an inner-city Toronto school where she’ll perform for students and discusses the importance of fostering young talent.

Recently Twain carried the Olympic torch in her hometown of Timmins, Ontario, ahead of the Vancouver/Whistler Games and promptly donated her Olympic torch and clothing to the Shania Twain Centre.

To find out more about Shania Kids Can, click here.

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