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LeAnn Rimes is giving her support to a new campaign to help sufferers cope with psoriasis, a skin condition she has battled with since the age of two.

The singer has recorded a video for a new campaign organized by the American Academy of Dermatology and the National Psoriasis Foundation to help break down stigmas related to the disease.

“I’m LeAnn Rimes, and like you, I’ve lived with the physical and emotional effects of psoriasis,” she says on the video. "Even though I continue to learn how to manage my disease with the help of my dermatologist, it’s a struggle I still face every day. That’s why I’m so proud to be part of a campaign like Stop Hiding that helps us strive to raise awareness about psoriasis.

“As part of the campaign, we’re urging every one of you to do what I’ve done and take the “Make a Change Pledge.” Taking charge of psoriasis can start with making changes now – like changes in how you view psoriasis, or changes in how you manage it."

Rimes also talked about how she had to cope with the disease while leading a public life, and how that affected her.

“As a performer in the public spotlight, coping with my psoriasis was scary and frustrating at times. I had to recognize how psoriasis was affecting many aspects of my life and commit to managing it. Personally, I learned to control my disease by working with a dermatologist to develop a treatment plan that is best for me.

“The purpose of the Make a Change Pledge is to empower people living with psoriasis to make changes that can help them increase their understanding of the disease and its impact on their everyday lives, as well as encourage them to work with a dermatologist to optimally manage their disease.”

To watch the video and find out more about the campaign, click here.

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