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The award-winning Christian music group Jars Of Clay has helped the United Methodist Church kick off its “Imagine No Malaria” campaign on World Malaria Day on April 25, in Austin, Texas.

The band was the headlining act in a concert spanning the afternoon held on the steps of the Texas State Capitol. The event was attended by hundreds of very enthusiastic supporters and was broadcast live on the United Methodist Church’s website.

The “Imagine No Malaria” campaign is an awareness raising as well as a fundraising effort to provide thousands of bednets to some of the poorest children in Africa. Children are especially vulnerable to the adverse effects of malaria. It is estimated that at least three thousand children die everyday from malaria.

“What I’ve learned about malaria today is that it is a very treatable disease,” said Dan Haseltine, lead vocalist of Jars of Clay. “What makes it such an injustice is that over 1 million children die every year of malaria.”

“It blows my mind there are people dying of this disease,” added guitarist Stephen Mason. “We can do something to stop it. That’s not true of a lot of diseases today.”

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