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May 7, 2010 will be celebrated around the world as World AIDS Orphan Day, and spearheading a major donation drive is AHOPE for Children's Text2Give campaign which utilizes the ease of mobile giving while highlighting the magnitude of the AIDS orphans crisis.

Celebrities including Katrina Law (Spartacus) and Bobbie Eakes (All My Children) are asking for your participation in supporting World AIDS Orphans Day and both have recorded a PSA to call attention to this crisis.

“With just a few taps of your finger, you can make a huge difference in the quality of life for these at-risk children”, said Tom Starko, Executive Director of AHOPE for Children, “To date, 2.2 million of the 20 million AIDS orphans are themselves HIV positive. Each year, 300,000 children die of the disease. Another crushing statistic: 500,000 children were infected with AIDS this year alone – that’s about 300 children since you got up this morning.”

The Text2Give mobile giving campaign culminates on World AIDS Orphans Day, May 7, 2010 and aims to raise $100,000 by May 7.

AHOPE for Children is a non-profit dedicated to serving HIV positive orphans in Ethiopia. AHOPE for Children provides these children with a safe and loving home environment, literacy and basic education, life-saving medications, and the necessary tools to live a healthy and fully realized life. Most importantly, they believe their lives are valuable and they can contribute something significant to our world.

You can watch Bobbie Eakes’ PSA here. For additional information, please visit AHOPE for Children.

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