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The rivalry between True Blood vampires Eric Northman and Bill Compton is about to hit an all-time high – for charity.

The actors behind the characters, Stephen Moyer and Alexander Skarsgård, have joined fansite for a special charity competition that will see one of them wearing a T-shirt designed by the winning actor and his team – and be photographed wearing it.

The rules of the competition are simple – each vampire has selected a charity close to his unbeating heart, and you will be entered into a prize draw for every $5 you donate to their cause. According to the organizers: “The team that raises more money wins – that simple. So the honored actor will decide what slogan the losing actor will have to wear out of a short list decided by you, the fans. The winning team will also decide what t-shirt slogan the winning vamp will wear in his pictures. Afterward the boys will send us photographs for our viewing pleasure… After the boys take their pictures in their t-shirt…they will sign and return it to us. The winning fan from each side will then have it shipped to them!” goes on to say: "Stephen Moyer is truly saddened by the devastation going on in the Gulf of Mexico due to the BP oil spill, so he would like to reach out and help Louisiana and the Gulf Coast, which have been so damaged by the Deepwater Horizon disaster. The mission of the Gulf Relief Foundation is to provide relief to the fishing community of the Gulf Coast and their families, and to address the long-term challenge of restoring and protecting America’s Coast wetlands. For more information visit

“Alexander Skarsgård would like to see the fund raising in his honor go to SOS Children's Villages, an organization that focuses on family-based, long-term care of children who can no longer grow up with their biological families. At SOS Children’s Villages and SOS Youth Facilities they experience reliable relationships and love once again, meaning that they can recover from what they have experienced, which has often been traumatic. They grow up in a stable family environment, and are supported individually until they become independent young adults. We will be working with the SOS Swedish branch (Alexander’s native country) to fund a Children’s Village in Bovary, Ukraine."

To make a donation and be counted in the competition, you must make you donation via the website here.

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