Almost 25 years after it was filmed, the Queen of L.A. Punk, X singer Exene Cervenka and music video director Modi Frank present their previously unreleased cowboy satire “Bad Day” featuring legendary X front man John Doe, Grammy Award winner Dave Alvin, Oscar-winning writer Michael Blake, and with a comedic performance by Academy Award winner, Kevin Costner.

Now available for the first time as a digital download at, viewers will be able to “pay” whatever they choose for the download in order to view “Bad Day”. A portion of the proceeds from “Bad Day” are going to Gulf Coast aid organizations that will help both those people directly affected by this disaster and the precious wetlands of the Gulf coast area. In regards to their co-star Kevin Costner, who spent millions of dollars over the last decade to develop centrifuge clean-up machinery for just these types of oil spills, both women say, “We are both so proud of Kevin and grateful for all he’s doing to help in the Gulf.”

Bad Day boasts an inspired cast of legendary Los Angeles musicians, writers and actors at a “secret” shooting location in Chatsworth, California. This short silent film, photographed and co-written by X’s Exene and directed by award-winning filmmaker Modi Frank, is a 20-minute tribute to the early days of the one-reel Westerns. The film blends Exene’s love for black & white films, with old fashioned title cards, western sets, and Modi’s vision of capturing local talent having a very unusal day in a small pioneer town, with an elegant, poignant soundtrack by Grammy Award winning singer-songwriter Dave Alvin along with X and Knitters drummer D. J. Bonebrake.

Some might ask, why film a black & white, silent western? “For fun,” exclaims the punk queen, “It was a blast to write, envision and then film. We have talented friends, all up for a project, and we froze a moment in history. It was one of the best times Modi and I have ever had.”

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