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Eagles guitarist Joe Walsh is offering to help the Australian government tackle the country’s drug problems.

The rocker – who battled severe addictions through most of career – has been clean and sober for 17 years. He successfully fought through his problems after visiting New Zealand in the early 1990s to produce local band Herbs’ album – ironically titled Home Grown – and has returned to the South Pacific several times to help those dealing with addictions.

“I’d love to speak to leaders and politicians in Melbourne, and around Australia, about addiction,” Walsh told The Herald Sun. ""Addiction is a disease and, with help, people can get back to being responsible members of the community.

“I went to New Zealand, and spoke about it, because I wanted to keep the young people from getting into methamphetamine. I wanted to show people who were hopelessly stuck on it that there’s life after addiction and it’s good.”

Walsh will be in Melbourne with the Eagles in mid-December.

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