Two-time Brit Award–winning singer Joss Stone is the latest in a long line of celebrities to speak out against the killing of bears in the name of tradition.

The sultry soul and R&B singer, who starred in The Tudors and Eragon, poses naked for PETA with a teddy bear clutched to her chest to draw attention to the plight of bears who are cruelly killed to make the Queen’s Guards’ ceremonial caps.

Joss joins other caring celebrities – including Lucy Davis, Jamie Bamber, Kate Ford, Imogen Bailey and Julian Clary – who have starred in PETA ads on behalf of bears.

It takes an entire bear’s hide to make just one cap, and Joss agrees with PETA and compassionate people worldwide that fake fur is the way to go and that the killing of bears for their skins should be stopped. Join Joss and thousands of other compassionate people by calling for a faux-fur alternative to the Guards’ bearskin caps.

Source: PETA UK

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