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British actor Martin Clunes recently attended the Wetnose Awards in London to accept an award on behalf of Ace Animal Care.

Martin Clunes - Kim Taylor at ACE entrance

Ace Animal Care in Egypt is an organization established in 2000 to relieve and prevent the suffering of animals in the country. They recently named Martin Clunes as their patron, and he traveled to Egypt to view their work firsthand.

Martin helping in Luxor at the ACE hospital

“When I was asked to become a patron of ACE it was just after the program Horsepower had been broadcast, not surprisingly I had been approached by a great many truly worthwhile horse charities. I had heard a little of the work of ACE from Patrick Pollock, ACE’s Veterinary Director, but I had no idea of the magnitude of the work done there.

“I recently visited ACE for the first time with my wife and daughter and we were all bowled over by what we saw. It just doesn’t stop, all 25 stalls filled with inpatients, some of whom are in the most appalling condition particularly the burns victims and a constant influx of visitors from acute emergencies and returning patients to casual drop ins on the off chance of a free head collar, not to mention the on-going horse and donkey washing scheme which provides some brief respite for these largely uncared for animals.

“I had been warned, and fully expected that I would see some awful sights but what I hadn’t bargained for was just how fantastic a place the ACE hospital is. All the staff and volunteers work with an unrelenting conviction taking baby steps to address this massive problem. The education centre must be seen to be believed, the amount that the children learn about the animals and the care that they all need and deserve, cashing in on the true delight all children share in the good company of animals. All this under the careful, caring and understated watchful eye of ACE Centre Manager Kim Taylor.

“I’m so proud to be patron of ACE and I look forward to a long and fruitful relationship between us.”

Martin visiting a dog who is much loved by his owners and is a previous ACE patient

Find out more about this wonderful charity here.

Photos courtesy of Mike Daines Photography.

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