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This summer Joe Mantegna will hold his eighth Celebrity Golf Classic tournament benefiting Home Ownership Made Easy (H.O.M.E.), an organization that provides housing for the disabled in California.

As the father of a special-needs child, Mantegna understands the anxieties and the barriers for disabled adults in finding self-sufficiency.

“What these individuals face is a lifetime of worry and uncertainty as to what the quality of their lives will be,” said the 60-year-old Tony Award-winning actor. “The lifelong concern of safe and affordable housing for those whose specific disabilities puts them out of reach of housing opportunities the rest of us have is a daunting one.”

Founded in 1989, H.O.M.E. helps developmentally disabled people and their families achieve independence. Through their two programs, H.O.M.E. either rents apartments to individuals at an undervalued rate to allow that the balance of their income is enough to provide for themselves, or walks first time home buyers through the planning, purchase, and ownership processes providing key advice, counseling, education, and contacts at every step.

Having seen H.O.M.E.‘s programs at work, Mantegna is looking forward to the June tournament, as are actors and golf aficionados Don Cheadle, Andy Garcia, Joe Pesci, and Gary Sinise. The annual event, which includes a day of golf, a cocktail party, and both silent and live auctions, provides over 10 percent of H.O.M.E.’s annual budget.

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