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British modeling legend Twiggy is the latest star to make a stand against UK store Fortnum & Mason’s decision to keep selling foie gras in the face of international condemnation.

The iconic model has written a letter to the store’s managing director, Beverly Aspinall, urging her to stop stocking the product, which is a pâté made from the livers of ducks and geese. Twiggy is campaigning against the cruel way producers fatten the livers – up to two kilograms of mash are pumped into the birds’ stomachs through a pipe two or three times a day. The pipes sometimes puncture the birds’ throats, causing the animals to bleed to death. Last week, The Mentalist star Owain Yeoman also protested against the store’s continued stocking of the product.

“I find it shocking that Fortnum & Mason would sell the horribly cruel product of goose torture known as foie gras,” writes Twiggy. "A product so barbaric that its production is banned in the UK and in more than a dozen other countries. Anyone who has watched PETA's undercover footage of geese and ducks as they are force-fed several times a day via a pipe until their livers swell to many times their normal size cannot fail to be appalled. Foie gras has no place on British store shelves or menus, let alone in a shop that so blatantly trades on its British heritage.

“Times, fashions and tastes change. Other iconic British shops with food halls, such as Selfridges and Harvey Nichols, have listened to their customers and now realise that selling foie gras is a faux pas. Please, please, remove this cruel product from your shelves.”

Stores such as Harvey Nichols and Selfridges stopped sales of Foie Gras following protests from Roger Moore and Phil Collins.

You can join the fight against Foie Gras here.

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