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Singer and TV chat show host Charlotte Church joined the campaign for organ donation after meeting a 20-month-old boy with liver disease.

Finlay Careless was born with the life-threatening condition and his survival depends on a transplant. His name is being added to the long list of children and adults awaiting organs.

Finlay’s parents, who are family friends, appealed to the singer to raise public awareness about the need to register for organ donation.

“If this means one person picks up a donor card, or gives a pound to the liver disease foundation, it’s going to help,” said Finlay’s father, Julian Careless.

A new mother herself, Church knew she had to take action.

She visited the Children’s Hospital for Wales in Cardiff, where she met other sick children awaiting transplants.

As she held a six-and-a-half month old baby in need of a liver and bowel transplant she said: “It’s so important. It’s something everyone should do. A baby like this can benefit so much.”

“As soon as you have children you just realize how precious they are.”

“I wanted to get the message across to donate organs. I’m definitely going to do it myself.”

John Oliver from UK Transplant hopes that Church’s support will inspire people to register for organ donation.

“There is a chronic shortage of donated organs,” he said. "The fact that the need for transplantation has touched Church directly, through friends, helps bring home more than anything just how desperate the need is.

"Organ donation is something we can all do something about.

“We’re delighted Charlotte is highlighting how we all have the potential to save lives.”

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