British screen legend Jane Asher has thrown her weight behind an initiative by Bowel Cancer UK that wants you to dig out your favourite books and hold a charity book swap.

Hosting a Big Book Swap for charity is easy. Hold one at home or at work and invite friends, family and colleagues to swap their favourite books. Why not hold a competition with colleagues submitting their favourite books and guessing whose is whose – there may be some surprises! Or, if you’re part of a book club, use one of the meetings already in the diary. A suggested donation between £5 and £10 from those attending will ensure you raise lots for Bowel Cancer UK.

When asked what her favorite book is, Jane chose Richard Dawkins’ The Blind Watchmaker: “This is the first of Dawkins’ books that I read and perhaps his greatest. I thought – like many people I suspect – that I knew what evolution was, but it was reading this book that really brought home the wonder and complexity of it. It’s always reassuring, when life seems just too sad or tough, to remind myself just how infinitesimal mankind is in the scheme of things and just how short a fraction of time we have been – or will be – on this planet.”

Hosting a book swap is easy
Having one at home is the perfect opportunity to catch up with friends or why not get together with work colleagues to share your favourite books? Get everyone to make a donation and then pass on the proceeds to Bowel Cancer UK.

  • Simply download a fundraising pack or call the fundraising team on 020 7386 4006 to receive yours
  • Invite your guests and ask them to bring one or several books to swap
  • Ask your guests to donate between £5 and £10
  • Talk about your books and swap!

Deborah Alsina, Chief Executive, explained: “Many of the patients and families we have helped have shared how certain books have changed their lives. They have drawn strength from them and reading has helped them to stay positive during their treatment. So get hold of your favourite book, organise a Big Book Swap in October and raise funds for Bowel Cancer UK at the same time!”

Bowel Cancer UK aims to save lives by raising awareness of bowel cancer, campaigning for best treatment and care and providing practical support and advice.

Find out more here.

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