Keaton Simons is currently preparing a new album, and he needs your help.

Singer Songwriter Keaton Simmons
Singer Songwriter Keaton Simmons

The star is asking for pledges to help him complete the album, and a portion of every pledge will go to charity.

“For every pledge you’re able to make to help get this new album finished, I want to show you some love in return,” he says.

The singer/songwriter is giving his fans a selection of options to purchase, including signed copies of the new album, personalized videos and even the chance to be credited ion the cover of the new album.

“Finally, one of the coolest parts of this campaign is that once I reach my 100% target goal, 15% of the proceeds from there on out will go to two amazing, worthy causes,” he says. "First, Falling Whistles. If you aren’t already familiar with them, be sure to check them out at to hear about what incredible things this organization is doing to help bring Peace in Congo. Second (but not second in my heart), The Natural Child Project. This small, home-grown organization has completely devoted itself to ending child abuse — a tragic epidemic that many of us, myself (and now you) included, have worked hard to remedy.

“While both of these causes deal with HUGE issues, I think we can help them make a difference — one song at a time. They get their first dollar once my goal has been reached, so if we can consider my goal to be our goal, yours and mine, I know we can pull this off.”

To make a pledge and find out more, click here.

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