British TV presenter Helen Skelton has reached the half way point in her epic 500 mile journey to the South Pole for Sport Relief – in the process setting a new Guinness World Records title for the Fastest 100km by kite ski.

Helen covered 100km across Antarctica by kite assisted ski in just 7 hours and 28 minutes, the equivalent of travelling between London and Northampton, and when Helen completed the record the temperature was a bitingly cold – 48 degrees Celsius.

Guinness World Records officials confirmed that, based on GPS data sent via satellite from the Antarctic, a new world record has been achieved. Complete video footage of Helen’s journey will be verified on her return to the UK.

Helen began her Polar Challenge for Sport Relief on the 4th January and despite a delayed start, has already clocked up over 250 miles in just seven days in her attempt to reach the South Pole by ski, by kite and – in a world first – by bike.

Super Skelton has already had to overcome tummy troubles, snow storms, bad blisters and even a bad bout of dehydration which involved Helen having to check the colour of her own wee to get it from bright orange back to a healthier straw colour, but nevertheless appears undeterred.

Helen Skelton said: “250 miles down, 250 miles to go. I know I’ve got a lot of hard work still to do but at least I am closer to the end than the beginning now. Every single day here is tough so all I can do is take each one at a time and get through it.”

This is one of the toughest physical challenges ever undertaken in aid of Sport Relief, so Helen’s going to need all the support she can get. Sponsor Helen now at

Helen faces a number of dangers whilst on the ice including frostbite, sun blindness, snow drifts and altitude sickness and is expected to burn up to 10,000 calories a day. If all that wasn’t enough, Helenis pulling a heavy sledge behind her containing everything she’ll need for the whole journey, including all her food, equipment and supplies.

All the action from Helen’s Polar Challenge for Sport Relief will be shown in a special nine-week series on Blue Peter, from the end of January to March.

Super Skelton is no stranger to conquering the impossible. For Sport Relief 2010, she became the first person to solo kayak the length of the Amazon and in the process set two Guinness World Records. Not content with that, in February 2011 Helen became the first person to high-wire walk between the chimneys of Battersea Power Station for Red Nose Day.

Helen hopes her incredible efforts will inspire people around the UK to enter the Sport Relief Mile and raise money to help those living incredibly tough lives in the UK and the world’s poorest countries.
For more information about Helen’s Polar Challenge for Sport Relief or to enter the Sport Relief Mile visit

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