On Friday, January 13, supermodel Gisele Bundchen visited the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust's headquarters in Nairobi National Park.

The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust was established in 1977 to honor to memory of naturalist David Leslie William Sheldrick MBE, founder Warden of Tsavo East National Park in Kenya, where he served from its inception in 1948 until his transfer to Nairobi in 1976 to head the Planning Unit of the newly created Wildlife Conservation & Management Department. David died 6 months later but his legacy of excellence and the systems he installed for the management of Tsavo and wildlife generally in Kenya, particularly in the sphere of wildlife husbandry and ethics, lives on.

According to the charity, Gisele Bundchen was there to “learn more about the Trust’s conservation projects and to view the orphaned elephants in our care. She was entertained by an exuberant mudbath and dust bath session, and was captivated by the individual rescue stories, and the circumstances surrounding their second chance at life, understanding that the orphans in our care represent those fortunate enough to be found and rescued, while sadly many remain not so lucky.”

To find out more, and see photos of Gisele with the baby elephants, click here.

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