The Music Empowers Foundation has announced that its recently completed national initiative to support music education programs in public schools surpassed all expectations. The month-long program, which wrapped up just before the holidays in December, raised $80,000 and helped to fund over 225 classroom music projects which will benefit an estimated 47,000 grade and middle school students.

Music Empowers Foundation and platinum recording artist/American Idol winner, Kris Allen, collaborated for the Double Your Impact program, which consisted of a major grant to The national online charity matches individual donors to project requests from teachers in public schools. Funds provided by the Music Empowers grant were used to match individual donor contributions to eligible classroom music projects, thereby “doubling the impact” of each donation and the number of projects funded.

“We are thrilled with the success the Music Empowers and Kris Allen program has had in funding these many projects and helping so many teachers acquire the music supplies their students need to thrive,” says Charles Best, Founder and CEO of “Because of their commitment, tens of thousands of children, who may not otherwise have had the opportunity, will be exposed to music education.”

One of the major factors contributing to the success of the initiative was Kris Allen’s support, in particular his agreement to grow a mustache for a month to encourage his fans to contribute to one of the eligible music projects.

“Kris’s fans definitely came out in full force to support the cause,” said Andy Davis, Founder of Music Empowers. “I’d have to say that over 50% of the individual contributions came from those fans.”

“I definitely want to thank all my fans for partnering with Music Empowers and me to support and the many music teachers and students who will benefit,” said Kris. As to the prospect for any future facial hair… “I am glad my ’stache had the desired effect, but no plans for an encore at this time.”

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