In honor of the 27th Anniversary of Los Angeles-based City Hearts: Kids Say Yes to the Arts, Max Adler, who plays closeted gay bully Dave Karofsky on “Glee,” has already managed to inspire fans from around the world to donate more than $6,000 in a matter of days.

A former high school glee-club member himself, and a devoted advocate of the rights of all children to have a bully-free childhood and City Hearts' new International Spokesperson, Adler came up with the idea to create Max’s ABC: Anti-Bullying through City Hearts and to do this e-fundraiser after less than four months as spokesperson.

Ten days ago, he got a jumpstart on the campaign with a request on Facebook and Twitter: “This year, for my 26th birthday, I am asking anyone who wishes to give me a gift to please visit and donate what they can to help the kids who truly could use it. That would be the absolute best birthday present for me!” The result? Supporters from across America, and as far away as Canada, the UK, Norway, Italy, and Belgium have donated more than $6,000 thus far.

Max will continue to use creative and interactive means of reaching out to his 69,000+ Twitter followers and 3,000+ Facebook friends to ask for contributions of $7, $17, $27, $127, $1,027, $1,127 and up at Those who donate $127 will receive a signed Max’s ABC T-shirt, and those who donate $1,027 or more will enjoy a fun lunch with Max, complete with signed headshot, and gift bag to include a “Max’s ABC” T Shirt featuring a logo designed by a fan from Switzerland who won the logo contest (see her story and logo on ).

Before the campaign ends on April 17, 2012, City Hearts must raise at least $7,000 in qualifying contributions to Max’s ABC in order to qualify for matching funds of $5,000 from the Frieda C. Fox Family Foundation, as this is an “all or none challenge.” Other matching challenges expected to follow this one will be announced shortly.

“My goal with Max’s ABC is to inspire kids to ‘Be Brave Enough to Be Kind’ and I know that City Hearts’ theatre, dance, photography and other arts programs stimulate these children’s creativity, and give them a higher sense of self-esteem and purpose in the community and the world,” said Max. “And when that happens, the thought of bullying others will not even enter their headspace.”

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