Australian singer and actress Melissa Tkautz has teamed up with a long list of Aussie celebrities who have come together and joined with The Community Brave Foundation to star in a series of online videos designed to promote anti-bullying in all forms.

The series of videos titled “The Celebrity Role Models” will be urging the Australian general public to become Community Brave mentors and stand tall to add their voice in a bid against Online Bullying, Homophobia, Transphobia and Youth Suicide.

Chairman of the foundation Rami Mandow tells of the importance of adding some star power to the campaign, “Having the support of Melissa Tkautz and all of our other celebrities helps us to pass on the message to young people, that even famous people were once in the same shoes as them. We want young people to know and feel that even though we get bullied, we can still grow up to follow our dreams. Our lives don’t end with the bullying and our celebrities are a perfect example of this.”

Targeted at youths, The Community Brave Foundation’s main objective is to facilitate change through support, education and social media. The foundation is also developing specialized training and education programs for mentors who can then be placed within core situations where bullying is at its peak.

With a poignant message of “Together we can change the world,” the Aussie icon had no hesitation in jumping onboard.

Melissa says: “Bullying in all arenas needs to be taken seriously, whether it be online or in the schoolyard, these ongoing instances create negative and painful issues which are often taken well into adult life….. it’s time to change, it’s time to care.”

The series of videos was launched last week with this teaser of what’s to come.
Visit The Community Brave Foundation website here.

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