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Sex and the City boy toy Jason Lewis has been busy running around the globe promoting the much-anticipated film, but he hasn’t lost sight of what’s really important – helping to raise money and awareness for those in need of our help.

In April, Lewis was in New Zealand on a charity visit for the KidsCan Charitable Trust. He hosted the charity party for KidsCan, and also auctioned off a private breakfast to raise funds for the organization.

And he strongly adheres to the belief that celebrity and politics do mix.

“I’m not a brain surgeon, I’m not curing cancer, but if I can show up and do an interview and that is going to raise awareness and someone’s going to give more money to the hardworking people of this charity, great,” says Lewis. “I think it is the best use of celebrity that is out there. You look at Bono. He is kicking arse over most of the politicians.”

He also spoke out against New Zealand Labour MP Parekura Horomia’s remarks about children who are missing breakfast in order to lose weight.

“That is one of the more ignorant statements I have ever heard out of a politician’s mouth,” Lewis said. “They are children, they’re hungry. What kid’s trying to diet to go to school? [It’s] really ridiculously ignorant. Someone should vote you out.”

When Lewis was done ripping on the MP, he commented on his personal inspirations. “When I was young people were famous for doing something, and now fame in itself is its own commodity, and not for the greatest reasons, the role modeling is getting very obscure. They are seeing so much crap and they’re identifying with it. My heroes were like Paul Newman and Steven Spielberg, and these guys are really something special – not like the Britneys and Paris Hiltons.”

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