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The lovely actress Kimberly Williams-Paisley is rolling up her sleeves in the name of activism for healthy eating among children – Plopping children in front of TV for an episode of Popeye eating spinach to gain power is not the only clever way to get kids to love their veggies!

Paisley has not only taken this matter to heart but she has taken pen to paper, writing the book entitled Henry and the Hidden Veggie Garden. It is her first book, written in support of the Love Your Veggies Nationwide School Lunch Campaign, which has awarded 51 elementary schools each with a $10,000 nutrition grant.

The aim of the campaign is to increase the access to – and consumption of – fruits and vegetables in elementary schools across the country at a time when schools are required by federal mandate to strengthen nutrition and exercise programs as part of local wellness policies.

Paisley’s book, Henry and the Hidden Veggie Garden, was a labor of love written with her father, Gurney Williams II. It is the tale of a typical boy who’d rather play video games than play outside and who prefers to eat pizza and burgers instead of peas and carrots. But after a visit to his aunt’s farm, Henry discovers a new way of eating and living, which he comes to embrace in a surprising way. Paisley admits some of the story is borrowed from her life on the farm in Tennessee.

The purchase of a copy of the book for $5.00 will help towards the donation of 10,000 copies to Books From The Heart, an organization which works to get books to children living in poverty.

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