Jackie Chan has blogged about the need for relief for victims of the devastating earthquake that hit the Sichuan province of China during the weekend.

“Since yesterday morning, I’ve continuously received phone calls from friends in the entertainment industry wanting to donate money to my charitable foundation,” wrote Chan. "You are all so amazing. What moved me the most was seeing the quick rescue response from the Government and aid relief workers. Every time we are faced with a disaster, we are confronted with a big challenge – the challenge to provide disaster relief.

“Even more of a challenge is how to rebuild the area after such a disaster. Many volunteer workers from my Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation (JCCF) have started planning already. We will continue to monitor the situation in the disaster zone and efficiently allocate funds, aid relief, and materials to the areas in need most. I hope everyone will continue to circulate positive energy! Let us hope for the best and pray for those in the disaster area!”

At the time of writing, over 200 people have been reported killed in the earthquake, the second to devastate the region since a quake killed 70,000 people in 2008.

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