Triple platinum artist Waka Flocka Flame will amalgamate with Wallace Gator Bradley and his United In Peace, INC. to host an anti-violence concert in Chicago.

The anti-violence concert will be held the first week of June, at an undisclosed venue. The United In Peace INC’s concert purpose is to help spread the message about the senseless shootings and murders that have taken place in Chicago.

Waka Flocka – like many other recording artists – has chosen to be vocal about stopping the violence in Chicago.

“Senseless acts of violence is happening all over the world but it starts with us acknowledging the acts know. Chicago is the first but not the last for me,” said Waka Flocka.

Despite the negativity surrounding Waka Flocka’s participation in such a cause, he remains humble and continues to interact with his fans.

Wallace Gator Bradley states, “To GOD be the GLORY, for touching Waka’s heart and allowing him to reach out and working with me (Wallace Gator Bradley, President) and Noble – Ameer Ali, Executive Director of United In Peace, Inc, in our efforts to turn the tide on Senseless Shootings and Killing across America in general but in the African-American communities in particular, especially Chicago.”

All proceeds from the anti-violence concert will be given to the United In Peace, INC. Waka is tremendously appreciative for the opportunity given and will continue to fight for non-violence in Chicago. The ultimate goal is to tour the 4 high schools (Phillips, Du Sable, Fenger and Harper), Chicago State University in Chicago and Washington Elementary School in Riverdale Illinois.

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