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NEWS FLASH: A selection of Hollywood’s finest actors will soon be bumping into each other and tripping over things. No, they haven’t been into the champaign at their latest premieres – they have donated their glasses to a new charity auction.

Sir Michael Caine, Robbie Coltraine, Ewan McGregor, and George Michael are among the 24 shortsighted stars to donate their spectacles to the auction to benefit Sightsavers International, a charity that aids the visually impaired.

“Without my specs I couldn’t get around so safely and I couldn’t see the beautiful colours of the world,” said McGregor, who is a big supporter of the charity.

According to Sightsavers’ website : “In developing countries it can be a challenge for people to get their eyes tested and buy a pair of glasses. This is often because there are too few ophthalmologists, not enough equipment and also people simply can’t afford prescription lenses. Not having glasses effectively renders people blind or visually impaired usually with disastrous consequences for their livelihoods, families, schooling and quality of life. Last year Sightsavers screened more than two million people across three continents to see if they need glasses, and we hope to reach even more this year. We can provide new glasses for as little as £1.50 per pair”.

The auction will start on August 15 and run to August 24, and can be accessed through eBay.

Sightsavers is also looking for people to help with the redesign of their website. If you have an internet connection and 10 minutes to spare, the charity would like you to take part in a fun little exercise called “card sorting” to help them make sure all their information is structured in the best way possible for users. For more info, go to

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