The UK is supporting HIV intervention in Malawi and others must help to break this tragic cycle, says Annie Lennox in an article she published in The Guardian.

“Tears may dry in seconds,” she wrote with Lynne Featherstone, parliamentary under-secretary of state at the Department for International Development. "Bruises may disappear in days – and scars might eventually fade. But of all the devastating consequences of violence against women and girls, there is one lasting impact that cannot be hidden underneath clothing or concealed behind a forced smile. In sub-Saharan Africa, every minute of every day a woman becomes infected with HIV, adding to the tragic and persistent spread of the HIV/Aids epidemic.

“Too many governments turn a blind eye, while the lives of their women and girls are shattered. We are not fooled by the carefully placed clothing or the forced smile. We refuse to look the other way while millions of women and girls suffer needlessly. It is time to break the cycle. We must end the violence if we are to beat HIV once and for all.”

Read the full article here.


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