Actors from two of 2013’s hottest television shows have joined with Cruelty Free International, to deliver a message to the public asking they make their New Year resolutions one of compassion for animals.

Peter Dinklage Supports Cruelty Free International

Game of Throne’s star, Peter Dinklage, is the U.S Ambassador for the organization whose objective is to achieve a global ban for all cosmetics tests on animals.

Peter is a well-known committed animal advocate and vegetarian and has this message of compassion for the holiday season: “As we head ever closer to 2014, many people will be contemplating their New Year resolutions. As Ambassador for Cruelty Free International, I ask that if you are going to make resolutions this year, please make two very important ones. One, to shop for cruelty-free products which feature the Leaping Bunny logo and two, join me and support the campaign to achieve a global ban on cosmetics testing on animals. Thank you and lets all make it a Happy New Year for the animals.”

Norman Reedus may be a tough guy in The Walking Dead, but in his personal life he has a much softer side and one which is committed to bringing to an end the use of animals in cosmetics testing globally.

Norman Reedus, pictured with Lola, joins Cruelty Free International call for the USA to follow the European Union's lead and end animal tests for cosmetics

Norman has delivered this New Year message: “New Year is an exciting period as we make resolutions and contemplate what the next twelve months will bring. Please make sure of one thing, however, and that is to make 2014 a compassionate one by only shopping for cruelty-free products which feature the Leaping Bunny logo. Please support Cruelty Free International and its global campaign to ban cosmetic tests on animals…if we all do just that then perhaps we can make 2014 the year in which we helped to save the lives of thousands of animals.”

Shoppers who wish to follow Norman and Peter in their support of Cruelty Free International can look for non-animal tested products via and can find out more at

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