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A couple of years ago, British actress Samantha Morton loaned her voice to A National Voice (ANV). Now it’s resonating through Vodafone’s World of Difference campaign.

Impressed that ANV – whose goal is to address the lack of support for the over 60,000 young people in care in the UK – was founded by a local woman literally out of a room in her flat, Morton contacted the charity to see how she could help.

One of the young members was equally impressed with Morton: “We got to interview [Samantha] to be an Ambassador for ANV and she was so lovely. She talked to us about her experiences being in care. It was an amazing experience to meet her.”

Then Morton and ANV helped launch the World of Difference, Vodafone’s campaign to financially support volunteers to give up their day jobs to work for a charity of their choices for a year.

“I feel really passionate about helping children and young people who are in the care system,” said Morton. “I support A National Voice as it aims to make positive changes to the care system in the UK and gives a voice to those being cared for. The World of Difference project gives people the opportunity to work with their own favorite charity – I’ve seen first hand what a difference an extra pair of hands can make… It just seemed to me that I understood the ethos behind it.”

Acceptance of applications to the World of Difference campaign ended July 31. The four winning volunteers will be announced in September.

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