Pamela Anderson has paid tribute to Canadian author and environmentalist Farley Mowat, who died last week.

“It is sadly coincidental that Farley Mowat, the original “eco-warrior” and Canada’s pre-eminent defender of wildlife, has passed away in the midst of the annual seal slaughter, which Mowat called ‘perhaps the most atrocious single trespass by human beings against the living world that’s taking place today’," wrote Pamela. "Already, 50,000 baby seals have been killed, and 10,000 more will die in the coming weeks. However, if the demand for seal pelts hadn’t been decimated by vocal critics like Mowat, hundreds of thousands more seals would be killed, so hopefully that was some consolation to him.

“Mowat’s compassion for animals extended beyond wildlife. Years ago, he joined a coalition that included PETA and Canadian animal welfare groups to file a complaint against KFC Canada, arguing that the fast-food chain made false claims about the treatment of the chickens raised and killed for its restaurants. Later, KFC Canada introduced a vegetarian sandwich in all of its franchises.

“It is impossible to calculate the impact that Farley Mowat and his books have had on animals and the environment. Please, pick up a copy of Never Cry Wolf or A Whale for the Killing today and be inspired to change the world.”

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