The Ian Somerhalder Foundation has backed Animals Asia's No Voice No Choice campaign against animal performance.

Headed by the Vampire Diaries star Ian Somerhalder, the Foundation which promotes conservation and animal welfare, said in a statement:

“At the IS Foundation, we actually believe in spectating the innate, majestic beauty of our fellow creatures. The truth is that you don’t need cages, prods, or handlers to be an audience to our diverse and breath-taking wildlife. We were all born with a ticket to the most phenomenal animal show there is: the natural wilderness of our planet.

“The moment you respectfully immerse yourself into undisturbed and revered nature, something happens that is better than any circus or manmade show. Your heartbeat tethers to the interconnected breath of all things living on this planet.

“That is the ‘greatest show on earth’. The opportunity to feel blown away by nature and all her magnificent creatures is all around us and certainly not within confinement. All living beings – regardless of aptitude, social structuring, cuteness, relatability – belong outside of cages, shackles, and the suffering of animal performance shows. Animals Asia’s No Voice No Choice campaign has ISF’s full support.”

Dave Neale, Animal Welfare Director, Animals Asia said: “While animal performances continue to happen anywhere in the world we are failing animals. Giant strides are being made but we need to see this end country after country. End it where you live and support those working to end it where they are. Together we can eradicate this absolutely and end animal suffering for entertainment.”

Jill Robinson, Animals Asia founder added: “Ian is a huge voice in animal welfare and conservation and we are honoured to have him with us. Few people can have reached so many young people with messages of conservation and compassion. We are profoundly grateful for the support of the Foundation.”

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