Here’s your chance to meet Supernanny Jo Frost.

Frost is an English nanny and television personality. She was the central figure of the reality television program Supernanny. She has written three books on childcare and began her work experience in 1989. Since April 2014, she has fronted ITV tabloid show Jo Frost: Family Matters.

Winner of this auction will receive A Private Presentation and Meet and Greet with Jo Frost (best selling author and TV personality from Supernanny, Family Matters and Family SOS) Bring 5-10 friends and have a presentation and meet and greet with the one and only global parenting expert Jo Frost. She will offer a 35 minute presentation on her newest book Jo Frost; Toddler Rules and then a 20 minute Q & A in your home or location of your choice. She will then sign a book for you and each guest. (scheduling around Jo’s work, and mutually agreed upon date).

Proceeds from this auction will go to Face Forward, an organization that provides physical and emotional reconstruction for women and children who have been victimized by domestic or gang related violence. Face Forward vows to provide each victim with the best possible treatment pro bono.

To find out more, click here.

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