The United Nations Foundation's Shot@Life campaign announces Jo Frost, global parenting expert and best-selling author, as an official ambassador to the campaign which works to give all the world’s children access to lifesaving vaccines.

“The Shot@Life campaign is fortunate to have Jo Frost as an ambassador and partner in the fight to give all children access to vaccines, no matter where they live. Jo’s commitment, compassion, and connection with families all over the world are invaluable to help us get the word out that every child deserves access to immunizations and a shot at a healthy life,” said Martha Rebour, executive director of the Shot@Life campaign at the UN Foundation.

Jo Frost is best known for her long-running, international, award-winning television series “Supernanny,” which recently returned for an eighth season on Lifetime in the United States and on E4 in the UK. During the global pandemic, Frost has been providing public service to thousands of families worldwide, offering complimentary private and small group sessions to tackle the critical challenges facing families at this time.

“I think there couldn’t be any more poignant a time than now to recognize the importance of global immunization to protect our families from infectious diseases. I truly believe it is a child’s right, wherever they are in the world, to be given the best shot at life. It is a privilege to support and be of service to the United Nations Foundation’s Shot@Life campaign with their global mission,” said Jo Frost, Global Parenting Expert.

Every 20 seconds, a child somewhere in the world dies from a vaccine-preventable disease like measles or pneumonia. The UN Foundation’s Shot@Life campaign helps further the work of the United Nations to expand access to these lifesaving vaccines.

To learn more about the Shot@Life campaign, please click here.

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