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Actress Susan Sarandon says her political activism was inspired by actress Jane Fonda's, whose work has been ongoing since the ’60s when she supported the American Civil Rights Movement and opposed the Vietnam War.

The US’s domestic resistance to that war and its lack of progress in the field led to the pulling out of US forces, thereby demonstrating the usefulness of political activism and what it can achieve.

“Jane Fonda led the way in activism,” said Sarandon, who is one of few celebrities today that will talk frankly about politics and does not shy away from controversy. Sarandon has participated in numerous protests, supports social, environmental and economic justice, human rights, feminism, homosexuality and various charities.

She speaks to many of these issues through her films, but also in person. Sarandon spoke out against the invasion of Iraq in 2003 – which didn’t go over very well in local media – because of her disbelief in war as a pre-emptive solution, and has rallied to have US troops brought home. Concerned about the consequences if John McCain were to be elected in the upcoming election, Sarandon announced that a move to Italy or Canada could be in order for her family.

No matter where she lives, it won’t stop her from getting her messages across. In a TIME interview, she said, “When we have friends over, the kids always bet on how long it will take before we turn to politics. We always forget, and then they say, ‘That was fast—only one minute and two seconds.’”

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