unite4:good, the global movement and digital platform for kindness and social good, has announced that over twenty-five professional football players have joined its platform in a social good awareness campaign designed to promote the players’ favorite causes.

The player profiles will be released daily between now and the most watched game in sports, and each football great will ask their fans to share content and take a stand for their philanthropic causes by helping to create awareness for those in need. Fans who participate are rewarded with kindness points, which they can then redeem in the unite4:good redemption center or by using their points for a chance to win prizes in celebration of the big game.

Fans who wish to participate in the #Fifty4Fifty campaign create a U4G profile and follow the initiative here. Every day, several players will release an #iam4 card that states what they stand for. Fans are asked to follow the player profile on U4G, as well as to share the #iam4 awareness card on their own social media. The campaign is designed to engage fans with their favorite athletes, and educate them on how they can support the athletes in their numerous off-the-field positive community efforts.

“I created the Chris Canty Foundation over eight years ago to assist the youth in our communities through community service, mentoring, fitness and literacy programs,” said Chris Canty, defensive end for the Baltimore Ravens. “I’m thrilled to work with unite4:good to create awareness for what so many youth need and how we can help them achieve in tough environments. My fans know my passion on the field, this is a way for them to get to know what I am passionate about and focused on off the field.”

Each player will use their current social media channels to ask their fans to do two things – first, to create a unite4:good social profile where they can follow the players, along with the news and call to actions surrounding their charitable endeavors. Second, each player will ask fans to share the #iam4 card on their own social and ask their friends to join this social good community of individuals who want to take positive action. With over twenty-five players participating, over fifty kind acts will be called for.

“We all have a chance to make a difference in our communities,” said Vincent Jackson, receiver for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and founder of the Jackson in Action 83 Foundation. “Our fans look to us to step up on the field, but there are a lot of great guys in this league who are using their name and recognition to champion many important causes. I’m passionate about supporting military children and families, especially as they face challenges that accompany the military lifestyle. I’m glad there is a way for my fans to follow what I’m doing and to help my organization do some great things, so I’m excited to kick off this campaign with unite4:good.”

Current players and influencers in the football world who will be participating include Eric LeGrand, Warren Moon, Chris Canty, Vincent Jackson, Matt Light, Ahman Green, Jon Dorenbos, Calais Campbell, Sam Shields, David Nelson, Davin Joseph, and over two dozen others over the coming days. Fans can check here daily to follow new players who are joining the unite4:good campaign.

“This is exciting for us. To be able to work with these great players and community leaders to amplify their message, create ways for their fans to help them spread awareness and to really show their fans who they are off the field – it’s an honor to be a part of the incredible things that they are doing,” said unite4:good Founder Anthony Melikhov. “We will continue to build this community of inspirational athletes so fans can easily get to know what their favorite players stand for, and see that they are true heroes off the field. We’re working with these players to create a voice for their passion causes, and will help them rally their fans to help them in the coming months. We’ll have new content about the players, inside looks at their charitable work, events and initiatives. We’re dedicated to building this community, and know that there are great things to come.”

For more information, click here.

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