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In actor Emma Thompson's “Alone in Berlin” film, which played at the Berlin Film Festival this month, her character resisted the Nazis in WWII Europe by secretly placing postcards decrying the war into stairwells in Berlin.

Playing Anna Quangel, Thompson’s character is based on a real woman’s actions over 60 years ago, yet she feels that the film’s theme is relevant today.

“This movie is about being brave, saying things that are not popular,” said Thompson in an AFP report.

It is rather remarkable that such an ordinary person, along with her husband, would have the courage to resist the authority and side with human decency, knowing full well the consequences if they were discovered.

With the current refugee crisis rising in Europe, and the increasing backlash by right wing elements to Germany’s open door policy last year, one can draw parallels to racist attitudes that did not end with WWII as hoped.

“I live in Europe… and the sense of people turning their backs on people who need help, not being able to say the truth, not being able to say what you feel, I think is very current at the moment,” said Thompson

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