Film star Forest Whitaker is putting refugee education and peacekeeping training in the spotlight.

The Western Union Foundation has joined the Whitaker Peace & Development Initiative in funding and opening an education center to empower refugees in Uganda. The mission is simple: education is a life-changing tool for the world’s refugees.

The Western Union Foundation’s contributions will total US $1.24M over three years to support refugee education through Whitaker Peace & Development Initiative. Here’s why this initiative is so important:

- According to the United Nations, wars, conflict and persecution have forced an unprecedented 65.3 million people to flee their homes.
- Refugees make up one in every 113 people on Earth.
- Uganda in particular hosts the eighth largest refugee population in the world

Since its inception in 2001, the Western Union Foundation has committed more than US $111 million in grants to more than 2,900 nongovernmental organizations in more than 135 countries and territories.

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