Food Bank For New York City is seeing first hand the effects of the economic downturn – finding funding has become more challenging while the need for emergency food is increasing rapidly.

The Food Bank’s Community Kitchen of West Harlem, which served 92,000 meals last year, has seen its already long lines become even longer. As demand for emergency food increases, supply continues to decrease. More than 1.3 million New York City residents turned to food assistance in 2007 – a 24 percent increase from 2004. Given the downward economic climate, compounded by skyrocketing food prices and escalating unemployment, the demand for food is reaching crisis levels.

Recognizing this time of unprecedented need, Peter Buffett, The Robin Hood Foundation,, and the Food Bank For New York City have united to help fund the Food Bank this holiday season.

Starting today, Peter Buffett’s new holiday album, Star of Wonder, is available to download for free at For every free download, will make a $1 donation, which will be tripled by Robin Hood, allowing the Food Bank to provide 15 meals for New Yorkers in need.

“I have always looked for ways in which the music I make can play a larger role in the lives of others,” said Buffett, the son of Warren Buffett. “And I can think of no better way to accomplish this than having the direct effect of a download of free holiday music support the Food Bank of New York City. Every day millions of New Yorkers are dependent on the generosity of others – and by simply downloading this holiday album an additional 15 meals will be provided to those in need.”

In his accomplished career, Buffett, an Emmy Award-winning musician, has authored commercials for MTV, CNN and Coca-Cola, scored part of Dances With Wolves, and collaborated with Grammy-winner Akon, which was part of a previous Download To Make A Difference campaign with He recently launched his new ‘Concert and Conversation’ series in the Fall of 2008, which is an entertaining and informative look at Peter’s extensive background in music, punctuated with stories about his philanthropic and life experiences as the son of one of the most noteworthy investors of our time.

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