Dave Grohl and Taylor Hawkins of the Foo Fighters have talked about the stigma of mental illness during an interview with a radio station in New Zealand.

“When it comes to someone like Chris Cornell or Chester, depression is a disease," Grohl told The Rock FM. "Everybody kind of goes through it their own way. I can’t speak for anybody else’s condition, but the hardest part is when you lose a friend.

“I think that mental health and depression is something people should take seriously. There’s a stigma attached to it, which is unfortunate. Just as you take care of yourselves in every other way, I think it’s important that people really try to take care of themselves in that way. It ain’t easy, life is hard.”

Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins added: "It just goes to show you, it doesn’t matter what’s in your bank account, or how many hits are on your YouTube page, all that kind of crap, it all goes out the window if, like Dave said, you’re not feeling right.

“Look after yourself, and if it looks like someone is down, way down, check up on them.”

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