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Action star Jackie Chan has been in New Mexico lately filming his latest film, The Spy Next Door. But he took time off last week to do some charity work back in China.

The star flew to Hong Kong last weekend to launch a new Hermes scarf, the sales of which will raise money for the Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation. The idea for the scarf first came when Chan was making Rush Hour 3 in Paris and met the CEO of Hermes.

“It took almost two years from the time we had that conversation until now when it’s all ready,” said Chan. “I always thought it was so easy to make a scarf, but then I realized that there are so many steps involved; finally this year it was finished. It was supposed to be released in time for the Olympics, but it was delayed. Hermes only made 400 of these Les Tigreaux scarves.”

Following the launch he visited Guangzhou and Beijing in China to perform two charity shows and raise money for victims of the Sichuan earthquake.

“I want to tell you about a very special young girl that I met,” he said. “This girl was caught in the Sichuan earthquake and when the building she was in collapsed, her leg became trapped. To save her life, she cut off her own leg. First she used a rock and then she when the firemen came to save her, they couldn’t get to her, so she told them to hand her a saw. She used the saw to cut her leg off and free herself. I think she is the bravest girl I ever met in my whole life. Afterwards, the bone in her leg became infected and she had to have more of her leg removed. But now she is finally getting better. I brought her to Beijing to have a prosthetic leg put on. She was very happy, but she kept worrying about the cost and I told her that it was okay….not to worry; we would take care of her.”

After a series of press conferences and the filming of a commercial, Chan jumped back on a plane to America to continue filming his new movie.

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