Is there a “Buffett” on your Bucket List? If the answer is yes, find a way to get to St. Barths where the island’s favorite songster Jimmy Buffett will stage a free benefit concert on Wednesday, December 27.

Buffett has a decades long love affair with the island, and several songs were inspired by his time there including One Particular Harbor, Au Tour de Rocher and Cheeseburger in Paradise. In the days after Hurricane Irma passed over the island he joined WIMCO Villas in purchasing essential supplies in the US, flying them to St Barths via Tradewind Aviation, and distributing them to residents and first responders.

By Thanksgiving most of the island’s restaurants, shops and villas had reopened. Buffett asked local officials if he could stage a free performance in support of the island, which was enthusiastically approved. He will play on an elevated stage on the waterfront quay in the village of Gustavia, accompanied by local musician Soley. The stage can be viewed by anyone standing on the waterfront boardwalk, by people in boats in Gustavia harbor, and by people living in nearby buildings – it is an intimate setting for a very special cause.

Those looking to join Buffett in St Barths have the option of flying to either San Juan, St Martin or Antigua, then taking a short inter-island flight into the island. Renting a villa for the week is the primary form of accommodations for vacationers on St Barths, and WIMCO Villas offers a portfolio of villas available for the holidays, including several in Gustavia within walking distance to the stage.

Vacationers and proud parrotheads can secure accommodations and flights by calling WIMCO at 1-800-449-1553, or emailing . Seasoned villa specialist will guide vacationers to the villa that best meets their individual needs.

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