Over the weekend, The National Mother’s Day Committee honored Chelsea Clinton, Jessica Simpson, Jan Singer and Artemis Patrick.

The four exceptional women were recognized for balancing successful careers with the demands of motherhood at the 40th Annual Outstanding Mother Awards, held at the Pierre Hotel. The event raised more than $500,000, with proceeds benefiting Save the Children's U.S. Programs. The awards were presented by Mistress of Ceremonies and Chief Content Officer of Hearst Magazines, Joanna Coles.

During the event, the 2018 honorees shared insights on mastering a healthy balance between work and family, and what helped them to achieve their success:

Chelsea Clinton, Vice Chair, Clinton Foundation
“I talk to [my children] as much as possible – about my day, what I did, why I did it and what’s happening in the world…Even though they’re still young, I think it’s important they grow up having that understanding, knowing how blessed and privileged they are, and sharing a sense of responsibility to do whatever we can to engage in the work of, as my grandmother would say, expanding the circle of blessings.”

Jessica Simpson, Entertainer; Founder & CEO, Jessica Simpson Collection
“One thing I have done (that I know is non-traditional) is always mix business and family! I’d rather have the people I love around me all the time – we share in our mutual successes, and we help each other through any bumps in the road with complete trust. And in the end, the relationships are what’s most important. I hope I can teach that to my children.”

Jan Singer, Chief Executive Officer, Victoria’s Secret Lingerie
“Accepting the fact that there is no perfect definition of balance is very freeing. As much as we all want the magic solution, I’m often reminded by those I admire that it’s much more about agility. The willingness to adapt to the situation, the moment and sometimes even the minute is what matters most. Having it all is possible. It just may not be that we have it all, all at the same time!”

Artemis Patrick, Chief Merchandising Officer, Sephora
“Always stick by your word. If I make a commitment to be there for an important event, I will not break that commitment to my daughter. And the same goes with work and my professional life. It’s important that my daughter sees that I may not always be able to be everywhere I want or am needed, but what’s most important is that I’m upfront about that and then I stick to commitments.”

As part of its continued support of meaningful philanthropies dealing with issues affecting mothers, fathers and children, the National Father’s Day/Mother’s Day Council, Inc. has donated more than $30 million to date to deserving family-related charities nationwide.

Proceeds of the 2018 awards luncheon were allocated to benefit Save the Children’s U.S. Programs, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to making lasting positive change in the lives of children living in poverty in the United States.

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