Domestic violence prevention and intervention organization, Jenesse Center and its long time ambassador Halle Berry are proud to honor domestic violence survivor and activist Hanifa Nakiryowa at the Imagine cocktail party fundraiser to be held Wednesday, June 27, 2018, 6:30pm – 10pm, at the Wilshire Country Club at 301 N Rossmore Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90004.

Hanifa Nakiryowa and Halle Berry
Hanifa Nakiryowa and Halle Berry

Jenesse CEO Karen Earl said, Hanifa Nakiryowa’s journey underscores the importance of legal services in helping survivors secure their freedom. We first met Hanifa at one of our legal clinics when she came seeking help in applying for asylum. From that first meeting the Jenesse team has been in Hanifa’s corner."

Earl said, "I remember Hanifa saying “I don’t take my survival for granted”. I also remember her sharing that her daughter saw her looking in the mirror and said, ‘Mommy, you’re prettier than the mirror shows". We have been so honored to have played a role in working to ensure she could know joy and peace again for herself and her daughters. It’s true – It does take a village and so many people helped Jenesse to help Hanifa and her children. Hanifa’s fierce courage is an inspiration to us all."

A survivor of battery and acid violence inflicted by her ex-husband, Hanifa Nakiryowa said, “As I lay in hospital, rotting and seeing parts of my body fall off into the trash can, I promised myself to raise my voice against this form of abuse, to tell my story to save a woman’s life was a commitment I made to myself while in massive pain. To break the silence was what I had to do. Because I had gone through a lot of torture, emotionally, psychologically, physically, sexually but had kept it behind plastic smiles, I decided I had to let the women out there know what silence could lead to. Today, I am an acid attack survivor, the extreme form of gender based violence especially perpetrated on women and children.”

Earl said, “Hanifa’s story is a triumph. We are so proud that she recently obtained her masters degree and is living her best life with her beautiful little girls. Now they are enjoying the peaceful life that they deserve with a future so bright we can only imagine the wonderful things ahead.”

The goal of Imagine is to elevate the conversation around the topic of violence towards women, girls and men and advocate the human right of peace in everyone’s homes, workplaces and relationships.

Leaders from business, non profit, media, entertainment and government sectors are invited to attend. The event will shine a light on organizations and individuals who have moved the mission forward to raise funds and bring awareness to the issue, provide funding and relief to survivors and use their voice to stop the cycle of domestic violence.

Jenesse Ambassador Halle Berry said, “One in four women will experience domestic violence in their lifetime. This is why for 17 years, I have worked with Jenesse first hand to bring awareness to this life-or-death cause. I am proud of the achievements we have made to heal women, girls and families ravaged by violent homes and relationships.”

To learn more about Jenesse, visit or call 323-299-9496. VIP tickets to the Imagine Cocktail Party fundraiser to support Jenesse and the families it serves are $500.00 each, general tickets are $300.00 each. For sponsorship opportunities, contact Michelle Hudson at

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