Jillian Michaels — who lost her home in Malibu’s Woolsey fire — sent a letter on PETA's behalf asking Malibu Wine Safaris to transfer Stanley the giraffe to a reputable facility, noting that the roadside zoo doesn’t meet his complex needs and can’t ensure his protection during fires, which have become a regular occurrence in Malibu.

“I experienced firsthand just how dangerous the Woolsey fire was to all Malibu residents, as I lost my home to it. But what I’m focused on now is Stanley’s plight,” wrote Jillian. "Stanley was left alone in the fire and, as you said yourself, he was distraught. He could have lost his very life, and as long as he’s here in Malibu, where the prospect of future fires is high, he will always be in danger.

“The fire also exposed his extremely sad life of confinement and loneliness. As you know, he lives alone in a barren enclosure with nothing to do, nowhere to go, and no other giraffe to play with or have as a friend. He must yearn for companionship and desire to be with others of his species, yet his well-being and needs are ignored, as he’s simply used as a lure for tourists.

“Giraffes’ special needs simply cannot be met at a roadside zoo like this, and if he hasn’t already, he will soon begin to exhibit neurotic behavior resulting from captivity-related stress, frustration, and privation. Please don’t let that happen.

“I’m asking you to do the right thing and move Stanley to a reputable facility. I’ve secured PETA’s assurance that it would be willing to help with that.

“Like millions of others, I saw and cannot shake off the picture of Stanley that showed flames approaching behind him, and I urge you not to keep him in the same path of danger. But fire or no fire, he needs to be moved to a place where he can thrive and he’s not just waiting for the monotony of his life to be broken when someone offers him a treat. Please take Stanley’s brush with death as a wake-up call to give him the life that he deserves. I hope to hear that you will do this.”

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