Gary Sinise and the Lt. Dan Band joined the USO at Joint Expeditionary Base Little Creek – Fort Story for a show benefiting service members and their families.

The tour marked Sinise’s 100th tour with the USO. In addition to the show, Sinise hosted a meet-and-greet with service members and their families.

Gary Sinise’s first tour with the USO was in June 2003, visiting service members in Kuwait, Iraq, the Arabian Gulf, and Qatar. Since then, Sinise has toured with the USO in more than 20 countries and 66 locations throughout the United States. Sinise is often joined by his band, the Lt. Dan Band, named after the double amputee Vietnam veteran Sinise played in Forrest Gump. As a program of Sinise’s foundation, the band’s mission is Honor, Gratitude, Rock and Roll – providing morale boosting entertainment, appreciation and support to the military and their families.

"Gary Sinise has been instrumental to the USO’s entertainment tours over many years," said Alan Reyes, USO Chief Operating Officer. “His dedication to supporting the troops has made a big impact on our men and women in uniform, ensuring they know they are appreciated no matter how far away they are from home.”

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