In support of Child Abuse Prevention Month this April, Jana Kramer, country music singer and actor, has partnered with Committee For Children (CFC), the global leader in research-based social-emotional learning (SEL) programs, to educate parents about their role in child sexual abuse prevention.

Jana Kramer joins Committee for Children's Hot Chocolate Talk Campaign
Jana Kramer joins Committee for Children's Hot Chocolate Talk Campaign

The Hot Chocolate Talk campaign is designed to get families talking about child sexual abuse, which research shows can protect children against future harm.

“We are thrilled Jana is joining us for our annual Hot Chocolate Talk campaign. Jana is an accomplished woman but maybe most importantly, a mother and great role model for this campaign,” said Committee for Children’s executive director, Joan Cole Duffel. "Jana will help us reach a wide audience of parents and normalize this extremely important safety conversation that will help keep kids safe. The explosive documentaries “Leaving Neverland” and “Surviving R.Kelly” have reignited a national conversation about child sexual abuse, and many parents are wondering how — and even if — they can keep their children safe."

The campaign encourages families to have a talk about sexual abuse prevention, over a treat like a cup of hot chocolate. Families who visit the Hot Chocolate Talk website will find a host of resources, including advice for initiating the talk, talking points based on the child’s age, and a downloadable guide with conversation starters and tips. These include framing the conversation as a safety talk (“We have rules for all parts of the body, and that includes your private parts.”) and using everyday moments as opportunities to review and remind.

“One in 20 boys report experiencing childhood sexual abuse before the age of 18; for girls it’s one in four,” says Jana Kramer. “Child sexual abuse is a scary thing, but talking about it doesn’t have to be. As a mom, my kids’ safety is my top priority. Child sexual abuse can be prevented, but not if we keep silent. One conversation can make all the difference.”

The Hot Chocolate Talk normalizes the conversation, and by breaking the taboo of talking about sexual abuse, it takes away the offenders’ best defense: secrecy. The campaign gives families the tools to protect kids from predators and ends the silence and shame that’s associated with this issue.

The Hot Chocolate Talk resources are available now and can be viewed at

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