As ocean pollution hits crisis levels, with our coastlines spilling over with plastic and marine life depleting rapidly, this emergency is now the number one priority for Surfrider Foundation Europe, an international nonprofit which has been fighting to preserve our oceans and coastlines since 1984.

To champion the cause, they teamed up with cultural provocateur Rankin.

Introducing the Plastic Monster; a half living beast made of plastic waste, brought to life because of our neglect. A powerful metaphor for how immediate the plastic emergency has become.

Looking back from the sea to be photographed by Rankin, the Plastic Monster is now raging all over the Internet. Collaborating with the startup Phil Ropy, the inventors of digital philanthropy cards, Surfrider Foundation Europe X RANKIN have launched a digital philanthropy card that put the Plastic Monster front to urge people to show their support on the internet.

The digital philanthropy cards are a new type of digital collectible cards featuring nonprofit organizations. Users can buy a personalized card for $2.99 on and share it on social media, to inspire others to follow the example. The cards’ proceeds are redistributed to the organizations.

Celebrities such as Gillian Anderson shared the card to call on their followers to join the movement, which has caused a massive solidarity wave among Instagram and Twitter users.

Rankin: “The fight against ocean pollution is urgent and the Plastic Monster seemed the perfect way to hit home the horror that we have created. Surfrider Foundation Europe have been an amazing organization to work with and create an environmentally focused campaign with Phil Ropy’s digital philanthropy cards. Now it’s up to all of us to raise as much awareness as possible to prevent any further irreversible damage to our marine life.”

Produced by Getunity Inc. and distributed by Phil Ropy, the card was released on

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