Canadian Pamela Anderson — who’s just moved back to her home country — has sent a letter to Toronto International Film Festival Artistic Director and Co-Head Cameron Bailey urging him to sever ties with Canada Goose, which has sponsored the festival for years.

“Canada Goose’s ‘standards’ allow for coyotes to suffer for days in steel traps with a broken or bleeding leg before the trapper returns to shoot or bludgeon them to death, and the company’s jackets are stuffed with the down feathers of birds who died violently,” writes Anderson. “I urge you to make this year the last one in which you have Canada Goose as a sponsor, just as the Berlin International Film Festival cut ties with the company in 2017.”

During opening-night events, protesters will also flank the red carpet armed with posters emblazoned with a spoof Canada Goose logo and images of the company’s cruelty to geese and coyotes. And throughout the festival, PETA's mobile billboard—showing a goose’s or a coyote’s face next to the words “I Want You to Change. Don’t Buy Down: Boycott Canada Goose” or “I Want You to Change. Don’t Buy Fur: Boycott Canada Goose”—will circle the TIFF Bell Lightbox building.

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