Noted filmmaker and explorer James Cameron, and environmental advocate and author Suzy Amis Cameron, announce the launch of MUSE Virtual, a new, holistic online learning platform responsive to the challenges of parents looking for innovative educational options for students kindergarten through 12th grade.

MUSE Virtual is inspired by the internationally recognized, award-winning MUSE School, a high-performance learning lab that focuses on eco-literacy and serves as a beacon of sustainable living and design founded in 2006 by Suzy and her sister, Rebecca Amis.

“Our highest priority in creating MUSE Virtual is to ensure the health and safety of our students, administrators, faculty and teachers during COVID-19 and beyond by staying safe at home – all while students experience a fulfilling, unique, online education,” said Suzy Amis Cameron, Founder.

Transcending the digital space by emphasizing an active learning community, MUSE Virtual provides a real classroom of students, with a one-on-one connection with teachers. In addition to its rigorous core curriculum, MUSE Virtual offers course work in theater, music, art, movement, seed-to-table cooking and much more – empowering students to access and explore their unique passions and interests beyond academics, even as they remain safe at home during the pandemic. Ingrained into each element of MUSE Virtual’s model are the school’s five pillars: Passion-Based Learning, Academics, Sustainability, Communication, and Self-Efficacy.

“The relationship between teacher and student is imperative to a child’s academic success – and is more crucial now, than ever, as young people everywhere are grappling with an increasingly uncertain future,” said Suzanne McClure, Director of MUSE Virtual. “We strongly believe that our MUSE Virtual platform provides students and families with a consistent, supportive, and thoughtful education model that so many are currently seeking. All the while keeping students, teachers and parents safe in our new reality of COVID-19.”

MUSE Virtual is the solution for parent’s virtual education search. “My husband and I are so grateful for everything MUSE Virtual is doing for students – from impressive remote learning to enjoyment through teaching, the experience is joyous for our children. They are so happy to see MUSE teachers, fellow classmates daily and are actually fond of their classwork,” said Maria Gregori, MUSE Parent.

MUSE Virtual’s online learning platform is now accepting enrollment applications for the Fall 2020 semester, offering tiered learning packages that suit the differing needs of families and their children. For more information, please visit to apply.

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