Environmental advocate and author Suzy Amis Cameron, and noted filmmaker and explorer James Cameron announce a partnership with public school districts across the United States with their innovative, private, online learning platform, MUSE Virtual.

This new partnership will bring innovation to students’ virtual learning experiences – a need felt across the country. MUSE Virtual Students thrived during their first year online – participating in live classroom instruction, interactive lessons and collaborative learning with peers across the country. Even partaking in after school elective courses with family members such as plant-based cooking, performing arts, and visual arts.

“We are so grateful to the teachers and MUSE Virtual. Just as our world is constantly evolving, MUSE Virtual seems to be one step ahead, ready to pivot when needed to make sure they are the leader of virtual, quality education and by creating the leaders of our community tomorrow,” said MUSE Virtual Parent, Diane Eisenstein.

MUSE Virtual Students are flourishing through remote learning! We want to bring the same opportunity to public school districts across the country during the 2021-2022 academic school year. This experience will enhance remote learning for public school students at a time when it is needed most,” said Suzanne McClure, Director of MUSE Virtual.

Public school districts will become a part of an active learning community – providing a live, real classroom of students, with a one-on-one connection with teachers. In addition to its rigorous core curriculum, MUSE Virtual offers course work in performing arts, visual arts, seed-to-table, plant-based cooking and much more – empowering students to access and explore their unique passions and interests beyond academics. Ingrained into each element of MUSE Virtual’s model are the school’s five pillars: Passion-Based Learning, Academics, Sustainability, Communication, and Self-Efficacy.

MUSE Virtual online learning platform is now accepting public school district partnerships from districts in all 50 states for the 2021-2022 academic school year. For more information, please click here to get started. If you are a parent interested in more information for your K-12 student, please visit MUSE Virtual.

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