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Supermodel and actress Rachel Hunter is throwing her support behind a national program to relaunch family values.

Turn Friday Night Into Family Night is an initiative of the Jewish Values Network, an organization that seeks to bring Jewish values to the mainstream culture via the mass media. And this Thursday, February 5, the organization is launching the initiative with a benefit evening in Beverly Hills.

Turn Friday Night Into Family Night seeks to recreate family dinners, and urges parents to give their children a minimum of one night a week as uninterrupted family time. Their recommended program encourages families to give their children a minimum of 2 hours uninterrupted by phone calls, a blaring television, or any kind of outside interference. It also encourages discussion of subjects of significance around the dinner table.

“Family dinners are the centerpiece of a healthy family life,” said Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, Founder of This World: The Jewish Values Network. “It is essential that children be given, at the very least, a single night a week where they can connect with their parents, unwind from the week, and create an intimate and warm family atmosphere. We suggest Friday night because it’s the beginning of the weekend and sets the tone for the rest of the weekend.”

Joining Rachel Hunter at the launch will be Mayor of LA Antonio Villaraigosa and president of the LA City Council Eric Garcetti. The event will take place at the home of Sunny Sassoon at 801 N Alpine Drive, Beverly Hills, at 8pm. More information is available here.

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